Sunday, 18 March 2012

ART - Picasso exhibition & others (Art Gallery of NSW)

Finally having spare time after exams, Jess, Mon and I decided to see the Picasso Exhibit at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Honestly, I initially didn't have much interest in actually seeing the artworks, as I was only entranced by the fact that is was Pablo freaking Picasso and I would regret a once in a life time opportunity if I decided not to go. There were 10 large rooms of his work, each room illustrating a particular period of his life such as 'A return to classicism 1916-1924' and 'The joy of life 1952-1960'. I obviously could not take any photos, but here are some of my favourite works. [note the following are not the real things (of course) but from Google Images]

 The Suppliant (Source)

Man in a Straw Hat with Ice Cream Cone (Source)

Portrait of Dora Maar Seated (Source)
This was absolutely stunning. Looking back on this on a computer screen is nothing compared to the actual one. In real life, it's so vibrant and gorgeous.

Looking back, there were definitely some 'wtf is this even art?' moments, but overall it was such an interesting experience, that these iconic artworks actually exist and have transcended time for others to view today. It's such an odd feeling, that people come and go in life but what they leave can have such an impact on others. 

I also had the pleasure of looking at the other artworks in the gallery.

There were a lot more people looking at the exhibit than I had originally expected and some of the late afternoon sessions were even sold out. The Picasso exhibit ends on the 25th of March after over 4 months in Sydney, so now's the last chance to see it.

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