Sunday, 18 November 2012

MUSIC - Coldplay Concert (i.e. the greatest night ever)

My friends Jenny and Cecilia and I bought the tickets early in the year and after several months of waiting, the night was finally here. We arrived at Allianz Stadium about 2pm and there was already 200+ people waiting. We joined the queue and spent the next three and a half hours in the scorching sun. After several attempts of entertainment, from charades to eating, our patience was rewarded with an amazing spot near the stage:

and xylobands!

First up were The Pierces who were really good live. They played We Are Stars, Secret, You'll Be Mine and some other songs but not 3 Wishes which is my favourite song from them. Jenny hated them though ("WHY ARE THEY EVEN CALLED THE PIERCES?") but I thought they were pretty good. Except one of the guitar players was :| for the whole time. That was really distracting.

Next were the Temper Trap and they were great as well. I love love love love love Rabbit Hole and I'm so glad I got to hear it live, I can never get tired of that song.

Finally Coldplay came on and god damn they were amazing.
this being their first song last night, you can imagine how the rest of the show was like

I felt like a spoilt child at Christmas, so much happened during their performances.

In the first couple of songs, these crepe paper butterflies started shooting out and filled the whole stadium. For a few magical moments, the only thing you could see was this:

It was so beautiful, you cannot fathom how surprised I was when they first came out. The moshpit is seriously the best place to be.

Later on, these colourful giant balloon balls were released and bounced on top of the crowds. I managed to whack one towards the stage hehe.
The security guards had to pop them later though :(

There were so many lasers and fireworks and flashing lights. Honestly, I felt disappointed afterwards, not because of the concert itself, but because I had to get back my less vibrant reality. My favourite performances of the night would have to be Charlie Brown, Viva La Vida, Paradise, Fix You and Hurts Like Heaven.

This is definitely not my last Coldplay show. In the future, if you ever get the chance to go, don't hesitate. And get there early.

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